The SRS portfolio moved in tandem with the rebound in the REIT market and showed an unrealised gain of $7,191 and the value reached a new high of $346,508.
It is also sitting on a cash balance of $188,858, which I have “failed” to deploy.
The SRS portfolio could have performed much better as cash is a drag and sometimes doing nothing – as in not selling Lendlease and UOB – would have done a better job for me . . . 🤕 . .  but hindsight is always 20/20 . . . I had also wanted to deploy the cash in SRS into two other counters Credit Bureau Asia at 1.03 and AEM at 3.45 in late Dec, but I didn’t pull the trigger due to hesitation and procrastination 😂
One key reason why I have been neglecting the SRS account is that I find the local stock market pretty boring – there