Read? Median household income in 2019 is $9,293

Read? Household incomes fall in 2020 due to COVID-19 impact, but rose in past 5 years

SINGAPORE: Median household incomes fell last year as Singapore’s economy shrank, but had increased over the last five years, according to a paper released by the Singapore Department of Statistics (DOS) on Monday (Feb 8).

The median monthly household income from work fell by 2.5 per cent from S$9,425 in 2019 to S$9,189 in 2020, reflecting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. After adjusting for inflation, it was a 2.4 per cent drop.

However, from 2015, when the median monthly household income was S$8,666, there was a cumulative increase of 5.2 per cent or 1 per cent per annum in real terms, said DOS.

To account for different household sizes, DOS also provided figures for the median monthly household income from work per household member.

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