Happy Chinese New Year to all FH readers! 新年快乐!祝您2021年事业顺利,生活幸福,牛气冲天! 🚀 I’ve been getting a lot of queries on how to buy Bitcoin (or Ethereum / Crypto) as a Singapore investor. It’s CNY, so I figured we’ll do a complete guide to buying Bitcoin in Singapore, and also touch on whether it’s a good place to park your cash.  In case you know… you want to stash your Angpow monies away. 😉 Is Bitcoin a good investment? Now Ray Dalio wrote a great piece on Bitcoin recently. I recommend to read it in full, but the gist is: Bitcoin is looking very attractive as a store of value Limited supply makes it attractive especially when central banks are printing aggressively Like gold: Bitcoin has limited usage as a medium for directly exchanging goods and services.Bitcoin does not pay a yield, but this doesn’t matter now since interest rates are