Astrea Investor Day 2021 was held on 28 January 2021 (click here for the recording).

For investors who are new to Astrea bonds, we will evaluate if Astrea bonds are an investment worth considering, after evaluating the risks involved and the yields of comparable rated SGD corporate bonds.

For investors who currently hold Astrea bonds, we will update on the Astrea IV and V portfolios and highlight what has changed since the bonds were issued.

Article Summary

1) What are Astrea Private Equity (PE) Bonds?

  • Difference between PE Bonds vs Corporate Bonds
  • How Astrea is linked to Temasek
  • Summary of bond tranches for Astrea IV and V

2) Why we view Astrea PE bonds as very low-risk investments

  • A diversified PE portfolio offers consistent returns, with manageable downside risk