CZM and I were given our annual compensation/new salary and bonus recently. It was mostly sad news given that 2020 was a crazy year where the whole world went into lockdown. Anyway, CZM had a 2.5% increment and a 1 month bonus. As for myself, I had NO increment and a 0.85 month bonus. However, considering that I changed company in June last year and had already gotten a 16.97% increment, I should look on the bright side and be contented with what I have as I am pretty sure I will not be getting such an increment had I chose to stay with my previous company.

CZM is on track to getting her next promotion next year so there’s something to look forward to. Hopefully, she will get a double-digit increment? Otherwise, she’s not going to be motivated enough to continue to work as we are close to retiring her already (within the next 5 years)! Hahaha. Shall elaborate more later.