After receiving my first Fiverr deliverable, I’m convinced that Fiverr has a strong moat and a long growth runway. I was having WordPress problems for my website and decided to try Fiverr and Upwork. Three things stood out: First, Fiverr is way ahead of Upwork in terms of buyer experience and ease of use. I found hundreds of WordPress specialists on Fiverr even without a Fiverr account. After typing “WordPress fix” into the Fiverr search bar, I found a highly rated seller (thousands of positive reviews) offering a lump sum USD10 for the fix. With Upwork, I couldn’t even browse sellers without setting up an account. Setting up a Upwork account took more steps even when I used a Google sign-in to expedite the process. I had to answer questions about my business email and interests. With Fiverr, the sign-up process was much faster. Second, the scope of work and