For most, 2020 was a year when the world turned upside down. LITERALLY. This was mainly contributed by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, volatility in the market, economy and job security. For the Mrs and I, 2020 was the year we welcomed our LO into the world. One of my close friends even joked that she was a Circuit Breaker (CB) baby. I think Singaporeans will get that pun. Time has flown so quickly that our resume now also reads ‘One year experience in parenting’.

Babies really grow very quickly. Our LO constantly looked different as the weeks went by and she was always hitting new developmental milestones. Our optimistic takeaway from Covid-19 was the time we got to spend with family and seeing our LO’s development.

As a year old parent, I must say it is not easy. Expenses will rise (I will cover this in-depth in another post)