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YTD(2021) I have made a total profit of S$59,166.04 from my equity investments(predominantly in HK) with an XIRR of 107%(XIRR is annualized). From my 6 years of tracking, I have made a total of S$158,808.70 from this portfolio alone.

In terms of benchmarking with STI, HKSE and World index. There is a gradual improvement in my performance this month as 10 years treasury rate stabilizes.  Portfolio composition(3 index etfs and 27 stocks):
Transactions: Added more GDS(HK:9698) to 4.7% Added more Xinyi Energy(HK:3868) to 2.96% Added more ZA Online(HK:6060) to 2.95% Added more C-MER(HK:3309) to 4.27% Initiated a 1.22% in Coinbase(US:COIN) Sold Vanguard S&P 500 ETF(HK:3140) for 65% gain Commentary:  I continue my