Great Easten’s GREAT Term is a regular premium term life insurance that guards you against death and terminal illness.

This non-participating term plan also provides additional coverage against total and permanent disability and critical illness through riders. Its convertible option enables you to transform your basic plan into an endowmentwhole lifeinvestment-linked policy, or universal life insurance.


  • Minimum sum assured of S$50K.
  • Minimum premium payable of S$120 annually.

Product Features

Policy Terms

GREAT Term’s coverage period starts from a term of 6 years till the individual reaches 100 ANB.

Premium Payment Terms & Options

The table below shows a sample of the premiums payable for a non-smoking, 35 ANB male who is married with one child.

Plan Coverage Period Sum Assured Premium
GREAT Term with TPD Benefit Till 100 ANB S$500K S$182.80 monthly with a payment term of 65 years
Living Care Rider 40 years S$200K S$2.93 daily
Complete Living Care Rider S$100K