So I chanced upon this article today.

And I wrote somewhat about it previously here.

And then I thought about it a bit more…

And then I realized…

Is there a difference between being rich and being wealthy?

Well… If you’re asking this question, then get back to work.
Thing is, I’ve come to this understanding that… well… only certain people talk about being rich or being wealthy and trying to determine benchmarks.

It’s really the hocus pocus Robert Kiyosaki, kind of people trying to persuade or convince or define certain words, topics for his books and classes.

If you’re rich, or wealthy, you probably know it. If you’re not then well, you’re not.
If you need to define it, I’d say… well… something is wrong. Are you looking for external validation?

Let’s look at it this way…
If you have money to live well, you can tell yourself you’re rich or wealthy.
If you can retire, you can tell yourself you’re