When I was younger, I didn’t think much about this. Living in Singapore is normal to me.
Like everyone else living there. Life is just normal.

However, as I’ve travelled. My perspectives changed a lot.
You see… Singapore is just a city.
It really is very very small for a country.

Look at all the other cities. New York, San Francisco, Paris, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Detroit, Manila, Munich, the list keeps going.
Typically, there are so many cities within a country.
Imagine Singapore as just one of these cities. When the other countries have hundreds if not thousands of other cities that make up a country.

When you take a train out of Tokyo to Osaka… that’s to another city within Japan.
When you drive a car 50 kilometers north, from Singapore, you end up in JB.

Houston is around the size of Singapore. The Mayor of Houston is the elected leader for the city…
Imagine… this is someone who