As most readers have found out, Mr 15HWW has been going deeper and deeper down the crypto rabbit hole in the past few months. So much so that he has started to outsource parts of our traditional and legacy portfolio to me!

Although apprehensive at first, it is a role that I am starting to embrace. Afterall, buying stock is not that different from online shopping, which is a women’s forte =P We do extensive research on the product, visit various platforms to compare price,  patiently wait for promotion to secure the best deal. It’s the same!

For the last 6 months, our household only adopts low-cost online brokerage. We are satisfied customers and moomoo app has quickly risen to become our default trading platform.

Ever since I have been promoted (in this household) to become the chief allocator of our funds in the moomoo app, I have been on a buying spree, especially with the correction in China stocks for