Do you have many project sitting in your to- do list? Do you have many projects that have saw light only once.


Actually, I have a godzillion things that I want to do, but most of the projects that I’ve started, end after I’ve start them.

Take the digital stuff that I’ve created, in the form of Youtube videos, blogs, websites and so on.

I’ve many many many many Youtube channels (at least 10), created in a spur of moment. All of them have at least 1 video, in fact, most of them have only 1 video. They date back to the early 2010s…

I’ve many many many many blogs (including this one), created in a spur of moment. Most of them have just 1 post. This blog is an exception. I also have a website (which was created 8 years ago). That’s the outlier. I put my heart-and- soul into it and