If you have read my previous update (Portfolio – September 2021), you would have seen a small section on NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Long story short, I minted/bought 3 NFTs for 9 LUNA in total (3 LUNA each) which was around US$369 at the point of minting and sold the least rare one for 118 LUNA (~US$4,838) in just 5 days which translate to 3,933% return (not annualized). Crazy! I was also able to participate in a token issue/launch (IPO equivalent) where my initial investment of US$1,500 is now valued at US$16,500 at the point of writing (Pylon Swap for Nexus Protocol. Psi current price – US$0.11). Essentially, I made ~US$20k in just 2 weeks. How to go back to stocks/ETF? lol. Anyway, I will blog in detail about the above especially on Pylon Protocol. Imagine a fixed deposit equivalent (capital guaranteed) but with hundreds % of yield/interest, it is just mind-blowing.

Risk Profile
Goal type: General wealth accumulation
Risk tolerance: Maximise returns (loss tolerance -60%)
Monthly investment using SRS: $638