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By The Life Investors  •  November 20, 2021
Yup, you read that right we will be shutting this blog down after close to two years. It is not a clickbait or a publicity stunt (I don’t have the brains for that). With the hosting plan for this blog set to expire on 21st Nov 2021, we have decided not to renew it moving forth. However, do not fret though because we will be moving to a new medium! From the start, our plan was to have both a blog and youtube channel. However, after considering the costs and time involved, we realised that this might not be the best practical way forward. While it was not easy shutting down this blog, we feel that having a youtube channel solely would be more sustainable in the long run. Hence, we would really appreciate it if you can support our channel here! I have to be honest though, I predict...
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By The Life Investors
The Life Investors was started as a platform by two middle-class Singaporeans to share their life experiences. This blog would mainly be centred around the topic of investing, both financially and in one’s health. In addition, readers can also expect to find random posts about our thoughts and experiences in life. At the end of the day, we hope that through our posts, readers would be inspired to live a purposeful life in exactly the way they want to. After all, what is life if you are constantly living by the decisions and expectations of others but yourself?

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