Data centres are becoming a growing trend over the past few years as everything is being migrated to the cloud. Taking Keppel DC REIT (SGX: AJBU) as an example, a pure data centre REIT, it has grown from an IPO of $0.93/share to $2.39/share, not forgetting a total collected dividend of $0.50545/share. This comes up to a total return of ~211% from 2015 to date.

With another pure data centre REIT joining the market, investors are joining into the hype, expecting a similar performance to what Keppel DC REIT had in the past. With such a strong sponsor backing the REIT up, investors are definitely excited to see what Digital Core REIT has to offer with its IPO. Let’s take a deep dive into the IPO prospectus and better understand the key risks and rewards with regards to Digital Core REIT’s IPO.

IPO Overview

Digital Core REIT’s IPO portfolio includes 10 high-quality data centres spread across 4 top-tier markets in the USA. It is good to note that Digital Core REIT will