I’m two days away from my birthday, so it’s time to slow down and talk about hobbies and interests. I have not been doing very much this holiday season even though I see a lot of folks going on staycations and travels via VTL. Also, my family has decided to stay put.

Personally, I’m betting that things will get much better once the Pfizer pill gets deployed in Singapore. We basically have a way of not overtaxing our medical facilities and the opening will accelerate faster by then. Even now, we’re seeing better numbers every day although Omicron may start to hit us hard in January 2022.

I only have two things to share with the readers as we come to a close this year.

  1. a) Session Zero – A D&D-themed theatre production

Generally speaking, I will not support the local Arts scene because I don’t want my money to flow to woke people,