VTLs have been suspended and travel is once again a medium-sized question mark. I’m stuck with too many miles (watch the video to find out exactly how many) and I don’t foresee my stash being used up over the next couple of years, so it’s going to be another year of cashback for me in 2022. Besides, cashback cards are so good now with a rate of 5% easily achievable. I’m not going to give up 5% for only 4 miles per dollar.

Primary Card for everyday expenses UOB EVOL has become my card of choice. Spending $600 a month both satisfies its monthly minimum spend, and hits the maximum cashback cap of $40 a month. While it’s advertised as an 8% cashback card, the effective yield is closer to 6.67% cashback since there are sublimits of $20 on each of the online