Despite the blow of cooling measures in December, it doesn’t change the fact that developers are facing depleted land banks today. So we can still expect more interest in collective sales, just don’t be expecting many mega-developments like the last cycle. The last of the condos from the en-bloc fever of 2017 has been redeveloped and sold, and many owners are expecting the knock of the pro-sale committee any day. In case this happens to you, here are some of the things to look for, before you agree to an en-bloc sale:

1. Work out the cost of a replacement home, with current prices and financing restrictions

An en-bloc sale during a property peak is a tricky prospect: while you can sell high, you’ll also have to buy high.

As such, en-bloc sales in such markets are most beneficial if the property in question is a second home (i.e., you don’t need a replacement unit). Otherwise, you need to check if the