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Why We are Investing in Asian Healthcare
By The Smart Investor  •  January 17, 2022
As the saying goes — in life, nothing is certain except for death and taxes. Thankfully, we have better access to healthcare today compared with the past, helping us live longer. Meanwhile, if we assemble a strong dividend portfolio, it can generate income to help pay our taxes. In this context, investing in dividend stocks from the healthcare industry kills two birds with one stone…. Please click HERE to read the rest of this article....
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By The Smart Investor
The Smart Investor is co-founded by David Kuo, Joanna Sng, and Chin Hui Leong. The company was formed in late 2019 from the ashes of the Motley Fool Singapore. The Smart Investor believes that everybody can learn how to invest, smartly. We aim to educate people on how to invest smartly by providing investing education, stock commentary and market coverage for Singapore and around the world.

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