2021 Net Worth
By KPO and CZM  •  January 20, 2022
We dabbled in crypto in early 2021 with the plan to allocate just a tiny 1% of our net worth into it. However, I fell deep into the rabbit hole, discovered LUNA/Terra and eventually persuaded/convinced CZM to screw/ignore the 1% allocation. lol. Now it is taking up close to 50% of our net worth.
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In addition, I started exploring DeFi with my friends (some of you can probably tell why it was named that way. Hint: BSC. lol) and eventually we started a crypto business with just US$3k capital. It is currently generating conservatively a few thousand dollars of passive income monthly (probably not that passive for my friends because they are doing the heavy lifting/coding. lol). It is a crazy amount for us because this was achieved in months as compared to our dividends portfolio which we spent years building. Besides crypto, another factor that contributed to the growth of our wealth is the use of leverage. Debt/leverage breakdown: Stocks - SG$271,199 Crypto - US$75,269 (~SG$101,433)...
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By KPO and CZM
I am Ong and my fiancee (Chan Zui Mao a.k.a CMZ) calls me a Kiam Pok (i.e. stingy/thrifty depending on how you look at it). Hence, the nickname KPO (Kiam Pok Ong). We have decided to name the blog KPO because I have proposed to CMZ successfully and she is officially a KPO too. The purpose of the blog is to list down all the money-saving tips, our investment/journey to financial freedom and to document my life with CZM.

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