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Thinking of Quitting? Here Are The Top 5 Reasons for Leaving a Job.
By Seedly  •  March 7, 2022
Feeling burnt out at work? Or maybe you’ve come to realise just how toxic your company is? With rumours of “The Great Resignation” wave hitting our shores, one can’t help but wonder… Is it time to quit my job?  Source: Giphy Just like relationships, there are certain red flags to look out for when working for a company. After all, your relationship with your company takes up the bulk of your waking hours. That said, you shouldn’t go into your boss’ office with all guns blazing just because you’ve gotten some feedback that you disagreed with. So here are the top reasons to leave a job and look for greener pastures. TL;DR: Reasons For Leaving A Job
  1. You’re overworked and stressed out.
  2. You’re underpaid.
  3. Your workplace has a toxic culture.
  4. You no longer see a future with your company.
  5. You’ve lost your sense of purpose.
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By Seedly
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