The Risk of Holding On To Data Centre REITs Is Under-rated By Market- Digital Core REIT And Keppel DC REIT In Deep Trouble.
By Investment Income for Life  •  April 30, 2022
The astounding news that the 5th largest tenant of Digital Core REIT ("DCR") has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US sent out shockwaves to many investors out there who believed that Data Centre REITs are super resilient in earnings and with some proclaiming the nature of data centre REIT to be equivalent to government bonds. DCR's unit price which has been gravity defying since its IPO finally dropped below US$1 per unit to an intra-day low of US$0.95 per unit at one point, during market trading on the week of 22 April 2022. Keppel DC REIT itself is also not spared the bloodbath and in fact, its unit price suffered a worst fate than DCR and plummeted to a 52 week low of S$2.060 per unit. What ever happened to these data centres REITs once proudly proclaimed as precious jewels and infallible investments by investors?  1. DCR's...
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By Investment Income for Life
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