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Keppel REIT Review @ 2 May 2022
By REIT-TIREMENT  •  May 2, 2022
Basic Profile & Key Statistics
  • Main Sector(s): Office & Retail
  • Country(s) with Assets: Singapore, Australia, South Korea
  • of Properties (exclude development/associate/fund): 10
Performance Highlight Property Income, NPI and distributable income from operations have improved yoy due to the acquisition of Keppel Bay Tower in May 2021 but partially offset by the divestment of 275 George Street in July 2021. No explanation for the decline of the share of results of associates and joint ventures though. Rental Reversion The average signing rent in 1Q was $11.15 psf per month, higher than the average expiring rent in 2022. Sensitivity to Interest Rate For every 0.5% increase in interest, DPU would declined by 2.4%. Related Parties Shareholding
  • REIT sponsor's shareholding: Above median for more than 20%
  • REIT manager's shareholding: Above median for more than 20%
  • Directors of REIT manager's shareholding: Below median for more than 20%
Lease Profile
  • Occupancy: ± 5% from median
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I am Vince and welcome to my blog. I started this blog on 1st January 2019. Since the start of my investment journey, I have been fond of REITs because of its dividends. REITs allowed you to become a property landlord and get rental income without having to fork out large sum of initial capital, look out for tenant as well as manage the properties ...

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