Snake Oil Marketing? Lehman Brothers MINIBonds Vs Stablecoins. Same same?
By Create Wealth Through Long-Term Investing and Short-Term Trading  •  May 16, 2022
What is Lehman minibonds? Minibond is a brand name for a series of structured financial notes issued in Hong Kong and Singapore under the control of Lehman Brothers. Read? STICK TO BASICS OF INVESTING TO RIDE OUT THIS PERIOD MINIbond will make it sounds safer and suitable for those looking for yield! How about Stablecoins? TerraUSD and luna are known in crypto circles as stablecoins, which means their value is tied to a commodity or a currency. Stable sounds quite safe and less volatile? 19% yield p.a. Just need five years to reach Freehold investment income for life! This time is different from Lehman Brothers saga! Older folks are more likely to stay away from Crypto! Right?...
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By Create Wealth Through Long-Term Investing and Short-Term Trading
I am 62 yrs old uncle living in HDB heartland who has achieved financial independence @ 56 and finally retired @ 60 from full-time job as employee on 1 Oct 2016. Single household income since 1995 with three children. Eldest son and daughter are now working and youngest son still in his 3nd year Uni in SUTD. I have been doing long-term investing and short-term trading in Singapore stock market only since Jan 2000 so I am that Panda or Koala in the investment world; but I am still surviving well in the wild. I am now executing my Three Taps solution model to maintain sustainable retirement income for life till 2038. Cheers!

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