We lost >2 million SGD in the Collapse of Terra LUNA & Good Bye
By KPO and CZM  •  May 17, 2022
After the "Great Depeg" of UST and the collapse of Terra LUNA, we received lots of messages, emails and comments. Usually, I would try to reply to all of them but I really didn't have the mood to do anything then. Now that both of us are sort of in the final stage of grief (acceptance), I have decided to document what happened and some of our very painful lessons so that hopefully, it wouldn't ever happen to any of our readers.
What's left of our crypto portfolio
At its peak (Portfolio - March 2022), we had a crypto portfolio worth 2.4m SGD with 597k SGD debt from Anchor Borrow and ~100k SGD worth of NFTs. Not forgetting, I had a crypto business with 2 other friends that was built on Terra and we had a bunch of aUST and 5 digits LUNA before the depeg happened. All that is left now is around 28k SGD. A loss of >2 million SGD....
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By KPO and CZM
I am Ong and my fiancee (Chan Zui Mao a.k.a CMZ) calls me a Kiam Pok (i.e. stingy/thrifty depending on how you look at it). Hence, the nickname KPO (Kiam Pok Ong). We have decided to name the blog KPO because I have proposed to CMZ successfully and she is officially a KPO too. The purpose of the blog is to list down all the money-saving tips, our investment/journey to financial freedom and to document my life with CZM.

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