It’s Mathematically Improbable For Terra (LUNA) To Recover Back To All-Time Highs and Here’s Why!
By sgstockmarketinvestor  •  May 19, 2022
With Terra (LUNA) causing a huge shockwave across the Crypto market, speculations are growing faster than ever about whether or not LUNA will ever recover back to its all-time highs. Technically if we look at it from a mathematical standpoint, it’s almost improbable, not impossible, for LUNA to recover back to its all-time highs of approximately ~$116 about 1.5 months ago. In this article, let’s dig deeper into what exactly happened to LUNA, what is going to happen moving forward, and what investors/traders can learn from this incident.

What Exactly Happened to LUNA?

Before we talk about what exactly happened to LUNA, let’s first understand how LUNA started and how it got so well known across the entire Crypto market.

The Beginning of LUNA

Terra (LUNA) was founded by Do Kwon and Daniel Shin of Terraform labs in 2018 and uses a Tendermint-based Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) as its consensus mechanism. According to its whitepaper, t...
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By sgstockmarketinvestor
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