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How bad is inflation?
By My CEO Journey  •  May 23, 2022
I decided to head out for lunch with my partner yesterday. And we went to a coffee shop for our chicken curry which we hadn't  have for maybe a year? It was a nice bowl of curry with noodles, chicken, beancurd skin and potatoes, as I remember. It was great tasting, and the last time I remembered it was $4 a year ago. I was looking for my CDC voucher in my phone without being aware of the signboard, when my partner signal me to go home. And I soon realized why.... It was $6 a bowl. And for both of us, that would be $12. While I could pay with them with CDC vouchers, (thanking myself for paying taxes), I couldn't stop but ponder, did inflation went up by 50 percent over a year, or did my memory fail me. Nevertheless, I decided I wouldn't pay that amount for my meal, particularly if it is just to make myself full....
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By My CEO Journey
This is where Ms. CEO, (i.e. ME) blogs about her organization (i.e. my life). We can all be CEOs of at least one organization --- ourselves. You see, we are the overall in charge of our life, and ultimately responsible for all aspects of it. Most of us have the choice to decide what we want to achieve in our life, and execute a plan to achieve it ...

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