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Budgeting for a two weeks trip to Switzerland
By Finance and Toast  •  June 3, 2022
Everybody loves reading about travel posts. I believe it is due to the imagination it gives us when we are not physically able to be present in another country. With global travel slowly recovering to pre-pandemic levels, I too, went on a two weeks trip to Switzerland recently with my other half. I have been to Switzerland on two previous occasions due to work, so I’m pretty familiar with the surroundings there. For my other half, it will be her second time there so we were excited to be spending two weeks in one of the cleanest and safest countries in the world. Below is a quick summary of how much we spent on the various segments per person: Flights (SQ): $1,092 Transport: $560 Accommodations: $1,462 Travel Insurance: $122 Food and Beverages: $600 Attractions: $132 SIM card: $22 Total: ~$4,000 The focus of this post won’t be on my itinerary as all these can be Googled easily, but rather on the budgeting aspect. That said, places we...
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By Finance and Toast
Hi, my name is Vincent and I’m the founder of Finance and Toast, a website which aims at documenting snippets of my life and also all things related to personal finance and investments. I started this website as a platform to share investing ideas with like-minded individuals. I was interested in the stock market since the age of 18 and I enjoy understanding more about different investment philosophies and its unique way of looking at things. I love contrarian ideas and am fascinated by well-run companies and leaders.

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