To The Ones We Lost…
By Sipping Coconuts  •  June 16, 2022
It has been quite a long time, life has a way of happening and changing everything. In the last 12 months, the recurrent theme has been loss. The loss of family and friends to different reasons. The finality of that has been, and remains, hard to come to terms with. The many times I have tried to write about it but was overcome by emotions that I put it off. I think back to why we write. It’s primarily for our children to read as they grow up so they know their parents better, the values we hold close and the thoughts we have about life and to see the decision-making behind some of our actions. Secondly, it’s to give clarity of thought to ourselves, as the writer. Lastly, it’s to share some parts of our life and find like-minded folks online to build our own tribe, to use a buzz-word. Today, I will post. It’s only fitting....
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By Sipping Coconuts
Team SC is the collective moniker for our family members, Ms.K, Mr.C and CocoJr#1 and #2. We’re a young family based out of Singapore, breaking away from the norm by living our life passionately, purposefully and (importantly) well within our financial means so that we are free from the typical shackles of modern day society like debt, lifestyle inflation and mindless consumerism.

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