“Davis Double Play “: Mr. Market & Asset Bubbles- Part 2
By STE's Stocks Investing Journey  •  June 19, 2022
I blogged about the concept of "Davis Double Play" (here ) and explained that there are two very important components in determining the index of stock markets i.e P (Index)= EPS x PE Now, after the start of QT, we continue to see the market is adjusting to the "market expectation" of PE and compressing the PE to a more reasonable level. More and more data points showed that the US economy is slowing down from " Real Retail Sales, Housing Starts, Philly Fed Manufacturing Index, Empire State Manufacturing, etc.." ECRI Weekly Leading Index Update < Sources:> With such a high inflation data, the Consumer Sentiment by the University of Michigan also at a level never seen after GFC( Global Finance Crisis ), now is much lower than during the Covid-19 pandemic time. University of Michigan: Consumer Sentiment (UMCSENT)...
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By STE's Stocks Investing Journey
Hi Everyone ! is me STE, I would like to start a blog to pen down and document my thoughts on stocks investing and also “talking to myself “ on some issues relating to investing ideas / world . I will try not to mention any particular stock in my blog post as it is very hard to do any “prediction or forecast “ of future or stock's movement and also this may attract unnecessary dispute / incident if anything goes wrong .. I will be using more graphic / chart / table / quotes to explain my thought and ideas as “ pictures worth more than thousand words “ ,, the most important things is …I don’t really good in explaining things in words.. haha .

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