U.S. Office REITs Comparison @ 19 June 2022
By REIT-TIREMENT  •  June 19, 2022
Below is the comparison for U.S. Office Focused REITs based on the latest result, extracted from comparison tables on SREITs Data page: Image by David Mark from Pixabay Fundamental
  • Growth Trend for DPU is not adjusted for equity fundraising.
REIT with the most number of green cells: 1) Basic Profile & Key Statistics - Tie 2) Related Parties Shareholding - KORE 3) Lease Profile - MUST 4) Debt Profile - KORE & MUST 5) Diversification - PRIME 6) Key Financial Metrics - PRIME 7) Growth Trend -  KORE & PRIME 8) Overall - KORE, followed by PRIME Reversion to Mean REIT with the most number of green cells: 1) 52 Weeks - MUST 2) Dividend Yield - PRIME 3) P/NAV - MUST 4) Overall - MUST , followed by PRIME Above is just a quick comparison, you could refer below for more detail on the individual review: - Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT Review @ 25 April 2022Manulife US REIT Review @ 21 February 2022Prime US REIT Review @ 2 June 2022 You could also refer below for more information: SREITs Dashboard - Detailed information on individual Singapore REIT SREITs Data - Overview and Detail of Singapore REIT...
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