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Get an Interest-Free Loan from Apple – with Extra Steps
By Investment Stab  •  June 20, 2022
Yes, this is a click-bait title. But, it might also be an idea/solution. This idea is from a random thought that flashed through my mind while I was stuck on the Apple website, thinking about which MacBook should I buy (which I'm happy to know if you have a suggestion for me -> M1 or M2 MacBook Air?). Source: Apple The Idea in 4 Steps
  1. Pre-Sell an Apple product on a second-hand market.
  2. Buy said Apple Product on the Apple website.
  3. Choose the interest-free 24-month payment option.
  4. Complete the second-hand market transaction.
Voilà, you just got a 24-month interest-free loan from Apple....
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By Investment Stab
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