Why Are Cult Followings So Powerful?
By Consume Less Life  •  July 25, 2022
Companies and brands are always looking for ways to engage their customers. By having a good relationship with your customers, they not only are more prone to repeat purchases, but they will also act as ambassadors for your brand for free. Over the recent years, we have the rise of cult followings that are extremely loyal and fiercely defensive over their favourite brands. In this article, we will look at cult followings and why are they so powerful. What Is A Cult Following? A cult following is a group of die-hard fans that will follow and defend a brand, no matter what happens (most of the time). It is used by brands and companies as a marketing technique to create their own “cult”. A brand that is simply popular does not have a cult following. To have a cult following, the brand needs a combination of the characteristics below...
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By Consume Less Life
I am glad you arrived on this blog because you are interested in consuming less. The idea of Consume Less Life was born in Singapore, 15 September 2020. The primary purpose of this blog is to attempt to encourage you to consume less. Consuming less has multiple benefits such as saving money, saving the planet and keeping your life simple.

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