Travel Insurance for Those in Their Silver Years
By Planner Bee  •  July 28, 2022
Finally planning a trip with your parents or grandparents after over two years of wanderlust hiatus? It is true that mature travellers are itching to get back out and travel again. According to AARP’s 2022 Travel Trends report, 66% of people over 70 years old are prepared and wanting to travel this year. Of course, travel destinations should depend on an individual medical assessment, as well as the capacities of the travelling companions. We’re pretty sure you’ve got the itinerary planning all handled, but you might not have the time to consider which travel insurance to get to cover the older folks on your trip. Is there a difference? Here’s something not everyone might notice; insurers actually drastically reduce their travel insurance coverage for those 70 years old and above. This poses a problem as you would most likely want an insurance that ideally covers as much as possible....
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By Planner Bee
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