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How to Make Responsible, Environmentally Friendly Green Investments to Fight Climate Change
By ValueChampion  •  August 12, 2022
Climate change has been an issue of increasing global concern in both political and scientific spheres for decades. However, in recent decades with this issue coming into the spotlight in light of an increasing frequency of otherwise ‘freak’ environmental occurrences such as the recent heatwaves, a growing concern for the environment and our impact on it has certainly slipped into the public consciousness. As a result, the climate impact has become a point of consideration in our everyday decision-making. This no doubt has extended to our investment choices, where increasingly, being a ‘green’ company, or one that otherwise makes environmentally conscious choices is a selling point in the investing world. However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and ‘greenwashing’ is becoming a serious and prevalent issue, with some trying to trap well-intentioned but less discerning investors into putting their funds into companies with no intention of making...
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By ValueChampion
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