Choosing the Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware in 2022
By - Your Salary in Singapore  •  August 24, 2022
As soon as cryptocurrencies appeared, it seemed like an unusual and risky type of business. People were afraid of getting bankrupt and spending the invested sums. Cryptocurrency mining emerged despite its obscurity and lack of popularity. Mining was engaged in order to develop the very idea of digital money. At the time, mining on regular computers was popular. But as the cryptocurrency increased in popularity, so the requirements for mining grew as well. Powerful equipment is now required to mine bitcoin faster. Mining at the moment has turned from a hobby to a very profitable business activity. Therefore the development of powerful equipment which brings the process of mining to the industrial level became a hot issue. Now an ASIC is the best tool to work with. It is preferred by miners from all over the world. Miners wonder about s9 profitability, key criteria and want to know how to choose the best hardware. So, let’s figure out what is the best equipment....
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By - Your Salary in Singapore
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