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What I missed about having a Job?
By Happy REIT Investor  •  September 23, 2022
There are 3 things that I missed about having a job. It also teaches me not to take things for granted however simple and small the item is.
  1. The first item is a very simple thing that most people including myself would have taken it for granted. Having access to a laptop with full MS office suite and professional PDF software. LOL. For the past 2 months, I find myself in situation whereby I need to sign for things but the free PDF software is unable to support digital signature. What a bummer. Luckily there's my wife. Leecher me again.  The MS office suite can be replaced by free open source alternative like libre, so that's not that bad.

  2. The Second item again is administrative related. I dont have a printer at home for the longest time. I have always used digital signatures for everything.  Am I the odd one out or is this the norm nowadays? Wife to the rescue again.

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By Happy REIT Investor
A father on career break ( or career suicide) so he can spend more time with the kids and also to refocus his life and career. Random musings ( investment, kids, current affairs, TV shows and what not) of his everyday life as a "full time parent" depending on his passive income to pay for his part of expenses at home. Fortunate to have a very supportive wife ( who by the way prefers me to be at home all the time than to travel for work all the time) and 2 cute kids.

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