What Many Tech CEOs are not telling Shareholders- Destroying Shareholder’s Value by Paying Workers Shares
By Investmoolah  •  November 6, 2022
As many would know, the Tech industry offers an extremely good pay to its employees. However, to conserve cash as well as they tend to be cash burning in Ops, these companies pay their workers by offering a large amount of share based compensation. This works well when share prices are high but it dosen't work well when share prices are low. Let's show this using Twilio as an example. This is undoublty one of the better managed company with a product that is widely used by other businesses. However, it is likely share prices will continue to crater due to their compensation package and high pay to workers. Twilio's Share Based Compensation Package To attract talents, Twilio gives them a large number of shares as part of their pay package. At its peak where it had 7,867 staff, Twilio was paying them $650 million in shares as part of their pay package
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By Investmoolah
A total otaku who loves anime, investing and the occasional K-drama. My financial journey begun at the age of 22 and has revolved around the concepts of "Working Hard", "Saving Well" and "Investing Wisely". Through my journey, I have realized that financial literacy is something we have learnt little during our school days but is one of the most useful and relevant skill that we have to be equipped to take on the real world. Concepts such as compounding and "common sense investing" are skills that will place us ahead of the race to retirement ...

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