Thoughts #29: Little Men Doing Big Things
By Eight percent per annum  •  November 19, 2022
Warning: this post contains spoilers for "The Crown", please do not read on if you are keen to watch without knowing story plots. In Season Three of "The Crown", one of the episodes featured one of humankind's greatest achievement - the moon landing and how Prince Philip asked for a session with the astronauts. He wanted to know how they felt achieving what they had achieved only to find out that the astronauts just did what they were told, ticking off checklists, following procedures and just mundanely went and came back. He was very disappointed and then decided to renew his faith in religion. But I think this episode taught us more about life than Prince Philip's read. The great achievements are sometimes, simply doing mundane things. The success of the moon landing mission was about:
  1. Following procedures and checklists

  2. Teamwork

  3. Safety and contingencies on top of contingencies

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By Eight percent per annum
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