How to Prepare for Market Crash 2022 (Survive Market Crash in 3 Steps)
By  •  November 20, 2022
If you know your portfolio was going to drop by half tomorrow, what will you do? Do you sell all of your investments? When the so-called expert of the stock market is “crying wolf” ever so often, it is clear that we are not 100% certain what will happen to the market’s short-term movement. Timing the market may not be the best strategy for the retail investors like us. If timing the market is not an option, the next best thing is probably to be prepared for a market crash. There are often many signs of a market crash before the market crash happens. After you notice these warning signs of a market crash, it is only right for you to be prepared for the crash. And minimize the impact of the crash on your financial health. Why Prepare For A Stock Market Crash Preparation is the key to successful investing....
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