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A Household With $350K Annual Income Can Still Be Financially Struggling?
By My 15 Hour Work Week  •  November 22, 2022
In case you are new to this blog, this is not a case study on the 15HWW household. Our total household income is definitely less than half of $350k. IRAS knows, of course. As tutors working from home, we save on rental costs and pass these savings back to parents. Since fees are comparatively lower, our income is also rather modest. But hey, we are not complaining as we genuinely enjoy our work! P.S. enrolment for Academic Year 2023 has started for our classes. If you are residing in the Northeastern region of Singapore and looking for a reliable tutor, do drop us an email ( for an enquiry!  The decision not to climb the corporate ladder means that our income is starting to massively trail many of our peers. Especially those that have done well in the public and financial sectors after more than a decade in the workforce....
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By My 15 Hour Work Week
Hi, I am Thomas (a.k.a. Mr 15HWW) and I am in my early thirties. Very happily married (very strong emphasis here), I am the co-writer behind this blog. The other permanent writer is my wife Jasmine who has written two blog post so far (good luck searching for it here). But well, her contribution goes far and deep since she thinks she is actually the mastermind behind the rest of the other post ...

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