Mr Kiam Siap: Lessons We Have Learnt in 2022
By The Kiam Siap Life  •  December 3, 2022
Join us on a journey of personal finance series through the lenses of Mr Kiam Siap as he navigates through very real struggles and issues faced by many Singaporeans at certain stages of life! This series has also been documented on our Facebook and Instagram so do follow us on our social media platforms! You know how much we adore credit cards, and here are just a few real life examples of why using a credit card are more advantageous!...
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By The Kiam Siap Life
As millennials ourselves, we always dream of achieving financial freedom through the fastest possible way but DO NOT know the ways and means to. While we do not claim to have been there, done that and share with you the “secrets” of unlocking financial freedom, (many paid workshops out there can help you with that. Not sure how many of them are actually millionaires right now *snickers*) we are here to help you.

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