Signing Off
By  •  January 23, 2023
It has been a while. The past two years have helped me understand myself better. From visiting Garden by the Bay with my kid more than 10 times to selling ironing boards on Shopee and becoming a top 3 (occasionally #1) monthly bestseller all within this two years. This journey has also led me to meet some special individuals, such as the CRO of a bank, ex-CFO and chairman of GLC companies, whom I would not have had the chance to meet if I had been working full-time. These meetings have evolved into weekly breakfast sessions. However, after various hustling, I have learnt that a hobby cannot be a successful (enjoyable) side hustle. The goals and motivations will eventually conflict. Afterall, investment is a very private thing. These two years also led me to understand that a comfortable life does not necessarily equate to a good life and I still have a long runway. Armed with a new goal, there are...
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2020 happened to belong to my zodiac, the Year of the Rat. Yes, I’m 35+? . Leaving my stable 6-figure per annum job as an engineer (it's really not too bad being an engineer) right after I bought my new car and amid the COVID-19 outbreak left many of my friends in disbelief. I got bombarded with many questions especially during the Lunar New Year gathering. Questions like “Don’t bluff, you received a better offer right?" Actually yes, I offered myself a job of spending more time with my family, to do what I love and to improve my wellbeing.

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