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Feng Shui Index: Reliable or not?!
By Dr Wealth  •  January 24, 2023
The CLSA Feng Shui Index is an index developed by the investment firm CLSA to track the performance of Hong Kong-listed companies using the concepts of feng shui, a Chinese system of geomancy that is thought to bring good luck and wealth. The Index, which debuted in 1992, aims to inform investors about which companies are considered to be in harmony with the natural environment and potentially more profitable. Since then, the Index has become a lighthearted predictor of the Hong Kong market, with investors comparing its performance to major market indexes such as the Hang Seng Index. Outlook for 2023 According to the forecast, the Hang Seng Index is anticipated to have a challenging year in 2023. Two drops are expected in the following three months before a strong market comeback in November. Following this forecast, investors who want to time the market could either start investing in March or wait for the second half in August and October,...
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By Dr Wealth
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