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Cory Diary : Net Worth 2023 Feb
By CoryLogics  •  February 5, 2023
Net Worth Year 2022 see sizeable absolute impact to net worth. First time in 15 years we see a reduction in Net Worth at the end of Year 2022. This is not surprising for salary worker as the annual saving from salary will reach a point cannot compensate for market downtrend fluctuation to the Portfolio that has grown over 15 years too. Interestingly, within the first month for Year 2023, the rebound of the stock market push back up the losses in Year 2022 to well over positive in Year 2023 YTD Net Worth. Steadfast believe in in investing in strong businesses and holding them through works again. Year 2023 Strategy Base line returns Continue to fill up T-Bills, SSB and Fixed Deposits with the high rates. The idea is not to beat inflation for this Emergency and War Chest funds but to ensure we do not lose much in inflationary environment. Continue to maintain Year 2022 Dividend Achievement....
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By CoryLogics

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