Where Can You Put Your Cash To Optimise Yield?
By Finance Gnome  •  February 17, 2023
Interest rates have risen so much since the Federal Reserve started on their aggressive rate hike path, although off a low base. Before 2022, I’ve been so used to ultra-low interest rates on deposits that I didn’t even bother thinking about all the cash I had lying around earning close to nothing. Now, we are in a privileged position with so many options to earn a decent yield on our cash at low or even no risk. Here are some great options you can consider (sorted from highest to lowest yield):
Product typeBank/FIInterest rateTenureMin amountMax amountLast updatedRemarks
Savings accountSCB Bonus$aver4.88%N/ANone$100k1-Feb-2023Salary credit $3k + CC spend $2k + 3x bill payment
Fixed depositRHB4.10%12/24 months$20kNone11-Feb-2023
Fixed depositOCBC4.08%8 months$20kNone1-Feb-2023
Cash fundsMoneyOwl WiseSaver4.01%NA$10None1-Feb-20235 day MA as of 27 Jan 2023
Treasury billMAS3.93%6 months$1kNone17-Feb-2023Auction 16 Feb 2023
Treasury billMAS3.87%1 year$1kNone1-Feb-2023Auction 26 Jan 2023
Fixed depositCIMB3.65%6 months$10kNone11-Feb-2023
Savings accountGXS3.48%N/ANone$5k11-Feb-2023No minimum requirements, no lock-in
SSBMAS2.90%10 years$500$200k1-Feb-2023March 2023 issue
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By Finance Gnome
Hi, I’m Calvin! I’m a lucky husband and father of two wonderful kids. I work as an aerospace engineer at my 9 to 5. I’ve been investing since 2011, but my investing journey started off pretty terribly. Many of the stocks I bought lost me loads of money, call it tuition fees. Thankfully most of the time, I managed to bail out before losing everything.

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