We Make $10k Per Month And Are In Our 50s. Should We Sell Our 4-Room HDB To Upgrade To A Condo Or EC?
By Stacked Homes  •  March 3, 2023


Thank you for all the insightful articles.  We are in a dilemma with some property decision and hope you can advise us. 

We live in a 4-room resale HDB at 517 Woodlands Drive 14 which we bought for $388k. Husband is 51 years old and I am 52. Only my husband is working with $10k gross a month, while I’m a sole proprietor selling stuff online.  We have 1 kid (age 22) currently studying in University.  

No outstanding loan, CPF used plus accrued interest – $190k from husband and $274k from wife. Husband current OA has $330k (FRS fulfilled); Wife current OA $30k (FRS not fulfil). We have $200k in cash that we can put toward the purchase.

Our goal is to have a retirement nest egg but we’re not sure what the next move is?

1) Sell current HDB and upgrade to a freehold condo 

– for growth and eventually leave to our only kid

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By Stacked Homes
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