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A Banking Reformer Could Not Prevent The Collapse Of A Bank He Helped Lead
By The Good Investors  •  March 15, 2023
On 12 March 2023, Signature Bank, which was based in New York, was closed by banking regulators in the USA. Its closure happened in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank’s high-profile collapse just a few days prior. Silicon Valley Bank was dealing with a flood of deposit withdrawals that it could not handle. After regulators assumed control of Silicon Valley Bank, it was revealed that depositors tried to withdraw US$42 billion – around a quarter of the bank’s total deposits – in one day. Signature Bank was by no means a behemoth, but it was definitely not small. For perspective, the US’s largest bank by assets, JPMorgan Chase, had total assets of US$3.67 trillion at the end of 2022; Signature Bank, meanwhile, reported total assets of US$110 billion. But what is fascinating – and shocking – about Signature Bank’s failure is not its size. It has to do with its board of directors, one of whom is Barney Frank, a long-time politician who retired from...
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By The Good Investors
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