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Financial Goals March 2023
By My Sweet Retirement  •  March 25, 2023
Above is the progress of me reaching my targeted financial goals for March 2023. The total value of my financial assets increased from 64.46% to 65.41%. The minor increase was attributed to the increase in overall value of my stock portfolio in March 2023. I compute the total value of my financial assets based on the cash value of the following:

Insurance Savings

NTUC Revosave continues to reward me with its cash benefit. The benefit of this insurance plan is that it provides cash whereby you can either leave it with deposited with Income at 3.0% p.a. or withdraw the cash. If you like something short term, you can wish to take a look at GREAT SP Series 10 which gives you 4% p.a. for one year....
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By My Sweet Retirement
I am a working salaried professional in my mid 30s. Just like most Singaporeans, I worked long office working hours, often trying very hard to find some work life balance. The Sweet Retirement Blog was created to share my journey towards achieving a comfortable retirement life. I believe we cannot simply rely solely on our Central Provident Fund savings when reaching old age. Neither can we rely solely on our bank savings as we all know the interest rates cannot beat inflation.

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